LA’s Unsung Landmarks Hidden in Plainsight

One part illustrative-documentation and one part personal/communal history, part of a larger project of an interactive illustrated map of Koreatown.

Strip mall signs, hole-in-the-wall restaurants & liquor stores aren’t what come to mind when one thinks about famous LA landmarks. But these places in K-Town, while they look weathered and sometimes neglected on the outside, contain thriving businesses and local culture that have survived throughout the years and continue to contribute greatly to the vibrant & unique culture of Los Angeles. For the locals, the images speak to their personal memories. For others, a familiar landmark in the background of their day-to-day. And for those unfamiliar, it’s an invitation to explore & appreciate Koreatown beyond “K-BBQ, NRB & soju”.

collection of different coffee cups to-go
Yellow K-Town Sign
Ardmore Plaza - 3rd & Ardmore
Dan Sung Sa 6th & Berendo
8th St. Plaza - 8th & Berendo

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